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JetPrebuy - Saving you $$$$$$$$$

Confidentiality is key! Our focus is Safety! Cost savings is a Benefit!

  • Confidentiality!
  • Safety!
  • Cost Savings Benefit!

If you have been considering buying a private jet for business or family travel maybe we can help you fly in the right direction.

Give us a call. Don (303) 478-6900 or Sam (409) 382-2818


Jet Prebuy Analysis

We have provided JetPrebuy representation for many private individuals and corporations, including"My Favorite Film Director", a well known "Quarterback" and the "Owner of a "Baseball Team". Names are not important. Confidentiality is Priority! Each and every assessment has resulted in a SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS and improved SAFETY! We do not direct films, throw a football or play baseball, we take care of your airplane as though it were our own until the project is complete. You receive the benefit of our collective experience.


Our resume of clients include many private individuals and businesses.


Aircraft Inspection, Maintenance & Modifications

All too often an airplane is simply taken and left in the shop for an inspection, modifications, interior or new paint. Generally the crew leaves the airplane to attend training or take vacation. Unfortunately, the airplane pays the price when you do not have your personal representative near by to address the problems. Daily, decisions need to be made to facilitate the completion in a timely manner. At the end of the project operators can be set back by an invoice that is thousands, or hundreds of thousands more than expected. We can step in as your personal representative during this process rewarding you with timely communication and evaluation of  the work process.  Experience and communication is the Key!

Buying & Selling    "THE GOLDEN RULE"    Safety and Savings

As your representative we can advise you what should be considered in the process of buying or selling an airplane. There are a number of simple steps that can be employed to make the experience pleasant! A word of caution, and we have seen this many times, if you like the color of the paint, better to hold up a minute and study the situation. All too many airplanes are purchased because the "Perspective Buyer" liked the gold plating in the interior or their buddy told them it was a good airplane. The buyer may be listening to advise that is someone else's best interest when he should have his own representative present. It takes days to assess an airplane properly. If it looks too good, tye your hands and do not sign the contract until you have sufficient information available to properly assess the airplane. A little "Hint". There is always another airplane waiting for you if someone should buy the one your are considering. Your patience will be rewarded when you take charge and apply the "GOLDEN RULE", resulting with increased Safety and Financial savings!

Management Services

We would be pleased to assist you with the management of your aircraft.


Interior & Exterior Cosmetics

Experience of the facility doing the paint and interior work can make the difference in how you feel about your airplane. The airplane is an extension of you and should provide a warmth when you climb on board. No matter who you take the plane to for repainting or interior work, it is important to oversea the work in process.