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Aircraft Services Network, Inc.

We save you $$$$$ whether you are buying or selling your private jet. We are not brokers,  we act as your agent to ensure your best interest in the transaction.Our focus is on SAVING YOU $$$$$ MONEYand SAFETY. Buying and selling an airplane is exciting and does not have to be a difficult process. If you have a question please call Don (303) 478-6900 or Sam (409) 382-2818 and we'll get you on your run-way.


Our Experience & Background


Our combined 50 year + Pilot & Technical Maintenance background is a combination for repeated success.  Together we have located and managed customer aircraft on both private and 135 charter operations. We excel in the personal care of your airplane should you require a Pre purchase evaluation, new interior, paint or special project. We have traveled both domestically and international in support of our customers. We guide our customers to achieve a safe and successful experience. Safety is our focus!

Don Joseph

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Airframe & Powerplant licensed. Flight Safety and SimuFlite training on many Corporate Business Aircraft. Small business owner/entrepreneur and consultant in Aviation. Marketing and fund raising of new aircraft developement at major industry trade shows.


William "Sam" Ketchum

Started aviation career as an aircraft mechanic in the USAF. Assignments on various aircraft single engine, multi-engine and helicopter. Promoted to Maintenance Control Office to review all maintenance documentation for entire squadron. Additional career in law enforcement. Chief Pilot for large Southern California Sheriff's Department. Has over 8000 hours of domestic and international flight experience. Managed five flight departments in both Part 91 and 135 operations. Extensive charter operation experience with government dignitaries, entertainment and film celebrities. Have ATP, helicopter, seaplane, and instructor ratings along with five jet aircraft type ratings.